AMAZON 5star review by CCDreamzThoroughly Enjoyable Read
“From the writing to the scenes to the characters, it was all beautifully, deliciously, delectably, decadent and fun. I’ve already recommended this book to friends and even tweeted it! It is one of those few books that I will read again.”
AMAZON 4star review by NasDean: Never
“NEVER is adult themed and is highly enjoyable though dark in some places. Yet it gives us a glimpse in the inner recesses’ of author Elizabeta Brooke’s characters. Recommended for readers who enjoy fantasy romance with high sensuality level!”
‘Erotica for the Big Brain’ Best of 2012 review:  
“With Never, Elizabeta Brooke has accomplished a rare feat in erotic literature, creating an elaborate, extended, character-driven story that remains exciting and fresh throughout. Clearly the product of a brilliantly fecund sexual imagination, the story is as vivid as it is varied. Cleverly conceived, elegantly executed and beautifully written, this book has the potential to become one of the great classics of literary erotica. The author’s insistent emphasis on plausible story and character development is remarkable; a probing, deeply sympathetic exploration of her subjects’ inner lives. This takes time to do well. But like the most exquisite foreplay, Brooke’s narrative builds deliberately, logically, inevitably, missing no opportunity for psycho-sexual drama and illumination.  For all the magnificently explicit portrayals of orgiastic excess and visceral delight to come, there are no one-dimensional cardboard cut-outs or stock characters here; these are living beings, complex and complete; each with her—or his—own set of deeply personal conflicts and contradictions. But make no mistake; while this is clearly a well-crafted piece of writing with genuine literary merit and substance, “Never” is also one hell of a sexy read; a veritable smorgasbord of sensuous wonder where we are invited to cast off our inhibitions and revel in every exotic texture and taste. Each new scenario in Brooke’s vibrant omnisexual universe is as unabashedly adventuresome as it is refreshingly irreverent; no obeisance paid to taboo here; no patience for prudery, and, best of all, no squeamish self-censorship—the proverbial lead balloon of far too many failed erotic narratives.  Elizabeta Brooke’s Never is a nascent masterpiece, an unburnished gem; it truly deserves to be read, seriously discussed and widely celebrated.”
Amazon 4star review by Helen Lacey: POE
“This short tale was recommended to me by a friend as an erotic assault on the senses and it delivered. From the tortured Poe to the fragile Kitty I kept turning the pages because the characters drew me into the story. I’m usually a contemporary romance reader and rarely read erotica, but this was a thoroughly entertaining, although sometimes dark and disturbing story.”
‘Erotica for the Big Brain’ Best of 2012 review of Poe:
“This sexy, bleak, beautiful, occasionally disturbing short story is well worth the adventuresome reader’s attention. Talented Australian writer Elizabeta Brooke invokes for us a gritty, gray urban world of alienation and despair, illuminated with aching lyricism and deep emotional insight. Brooke’s characters vividly embody W.B. Yeats’ notion that “sex and death are the only subjects that can interest a serious mind”; Eros and Thanatos; the erotic, creative impulse and the self-destructive death wish, not so different from one another in the final analysis. In the author’s deep-probing vision, we find ourselves at that terrifying nexus of sex and death; flesh and mind, introspection and lust. Perhaps most memorable and poignant is Brooke’s  portrayal of her characters’ longing for creative intimacy—an emptiness only a true artist can know—the poignant search for mutual understanding, the melding of inventive minds.”
Amazon 5star review by Georgette Blakeney: Page turning sensuality
“This story surprised me. It’s quite literary, but also very earthy. Poe is fascinating and Kitty was such a surprise. The sex between them was profound, emotionally and physically. Although it’s a short story, it left me thinking about the characters and how they came to be the way they are.”

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