Husband Daycare Episode One: Bridget’s Initiation

Nymphomaniac Bridget is desperate for a sexual outlet, so she joins the elite staff of Husband Daycare, a franchise that provides sexual variety for husbands who cum with their wives’ permission. During a six-hour shift, the girls are required to perform anything from simple hand jobs to oral, penetrative, anal, role-playing, multiple partners or bdsm sex within the indoor/outdoor areas of the Daycare Center.

Will Bridget enjoy her initiation into the pleasures of sex with strangers where she cannot say no?

Read episode one of the Husband Daycare series to experience the sensual wonder of this playground designed to fulfill every man’s sexual fantasies.

Available where all good ebooks are sold.


NEVER: An erotic retelling of Peter Pan

Dr Wendee Williams has spent her adult life trying to forget her dark past. She has marriage and a respectable career, but is beset with sexual longings her much-older husband can’t satisfy. When an affair with a student goes horribly wrong and her marriage is destroyed, she flees to tropical Cairns where a male prostitute introduces her to wealthy voyeur Pietre DeMartande.

Pietre is looking for a Wendy to enact Neverland fantasies for his pleasure, and Wendee jumps at the chance, enjoying the attentions of Lost Boys, Mermaids, Red Skins and Pirates, little realizing she may not survive the adventure.

Experimentation and excess are encouraged, and every fantasy is fulfilled but there is a dark side, and pleasure comes at a price. Wendee’s voracious appetites delight Pietre, but his cruel assistant Belle is jealous. When the miniature dominatrix comes after Wendee, the men who have fallen in love with her must risk their own lives to save her.

This full-length novel is recommended for readers 18 years and older, and was chosen by Erotica for the Big Brain as Best of 2012. Available exclusively at:




Delve into the erotic awakening of a teenage voyeur and experience the shock of a suburban housewife discovering bondage for the first time. Watch a male prostitute service an unforgettable client, and delight in a hapless bank robber getting more than he bargained for when he kidnaps the wrong woman. Lose your inhibitions in this darkly delicious collection of five erotic short stories designed to titillate the senses.

Available exclusively at:




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