Reviewing erotica – are you key shy?

reading kindleAfter the success of 50 Shades of Grey and the novelty of erotica being openly purchased at Woolworths and Walmart, you’d imagine readers would be less embarrassed about reviewing erotica, but it’s a sad fact that erotic fiction is still lagging in the ‘word of mouth’ department.  Sure, there are specific reviewers and book bloggers out there who specialise in erotica, and we who write it are more grateful to them than words can express.

But what about regular readers of the genre? Why aren’t they reviewing erotica? Is it embarrassment? Fear that whatever they say will reflect on their own sexuality?

Try writing the stuff!

But seriously, it concerns me that my erotic fiction doesn’t get the reviews it would if it was romance or crime. And it also concerns me that people are so self-conscious about reading erotica that they won’t put an opinion on it in print. My novels have certainly inspired controversy among the readers who have reviewed them, polarizing opinion between:

“…clearly the product of a brilliantly fecund sexual imagination, as vivid as it is varied. Cleverly conceived, elegantly executed and beautifully written… this book has the potential to become one of the great classics of literary erotica.”

And this:

“This is a very dark and disturbing story… It’s just gross. I regret reading this.”

What do readers make of this? How do they decide for themselves who to listen to? As a reader myself, I rely on reviews to guide me, and the more reviews there are, the easier it is for me to decide whether or not to press that BUY button.

So this blog is a CALL TO ACTION. I’d love everyone who reads erotica regularly to commit to reviewing at least three erotic novels a year. That’s not too much to ask.  And return I’m running a competition to encourage reviews on my own work on Amazon. The competition runs from 1  – 28 February 2014 (one month) and every Amazon Verified Purchase review written on one of my stories(either on KNOCK,  NEVER or POE) will go into the draw to win your name as the hero or heroine of my next erotic short story.

If you use a nickname for reviewing, be sure to include your real Christian name in your review so I know what it is.

I’m excited about this, and feel quite sure that the name itself will conjure all sorts of erotic imaginings for me. This isn’t a cut and paste. I’ll be creating a new story from scratch, starting with your name.

So jump out there and review!

And please accept my heartfelt gratitude for taking the time. It’s very much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Reviewing erotica – are you key shy?

  1. Layna says:

    I’m not sure how I haven’t heard of you yet, but you are welcome to promote your books over at Hawt Reads and DirtyTalk.

    Just downloaded Never, and I’ll be sure to review it once I’m caught up on my backlog.

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