I see this hashtag is trending today, and it’s fascinating reading what people are tweeting, both male and female.  While I was scanning the feed the highest trending picture was this one of actor Channing Tatum.  And yes, I can imagine a good proportion of women would think #want when they saw it. 

Women did want other things as well (however suprising that might be) and they were tweeting things like:

  • a relationship without lies and secrets
  • to be able to eat anything we want without getting fat
  • a tan that never fades
  • men who dont cheat
  • the complete wardrobe from Gossip Girl
  • attention,affection and accessories

As you can see, a proportion of the girls tweets were tongue-in-cheek, but guys took the subject far more seriously and their posts were often quite romantic:

  • someone just to listen to them and to be there when wanted
  • a faithful man who will provide, protect, that’ll SHOW her love & not just “tell” her
  • for our actions to speak louder than our words
  • is a man that’s loving but not too soft; ambitious but not a workaholic; a leader not a dictator
  •  a man who will protect her like she’s his daughter, love her like she’s his wife, and respect her like she’s his mother
  • a guy that won’t take advantage of her feelings, her body, or her heart
  • to be looked in the eyes, told that she’s beautiful & loved by someone who means it.

With the odd cynical guy saying things like:

  • most women don’t know what they want. case closed
  •  X-ray vision to see the package before they waste their time
  • a perfect relationship. Well life isn’t a movie, it’s not gonna be perfect!
  • NO MORE PERIODS. Ha! That’s pregnancy lol

The thing that surprised me the most was that the vast majority of tweeters had a solid opinion. Very few took the easy way out with “who would know?” when trying to work out #WhatMostWomenWant which was good to see.

I’ll leave you with the second picture that was most often tweeted with this hashtag, and surprisingly tweeted more often by men than women:


Looks like guys really are romantic, but is that what most women want?  As an author writing erotica (which is predominately written by women for women) I’m naturally curious to know what women want.  What do you think they want?

8 thoughts on “#WhatMostWomenWant

  1. melaniegoss says:

    This blog says truley that what most women want…nice to explain….
    The one more reason is that they likes the sexy voices of men…. see … Top 5 Sexiest Voices

  2. Beautiful voices, Melanie. Jeff Buckley was my fav. Thanks for posting that link.

  3. CCDreamz says:

    I think most women want the man of their dreams to be their first love. They want him to be the perfect love they’ve always wished and waited for. They want there to be a perfect blending of their two personalities. And they want it to really last a lifetime.

    • melaniegoss says:

      Yes Dear…Its a true fact… u think good about two pesonalities…
      what you think about self-love story ?????

      • Self love is SO important! Thanks for reminding us of that Melanie. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last decade, it’s that you’ll only attract someone who loves you as much as you love yourself. Giving yourself treats and time off, cutting yourself slack when you make mistakes, not putting up with crap because you deserve better – these are all great ways to raise your self-love and attract someone who’s going to treat you well.

    • Thanks for dropping in, CC, and I love your post. It’s so poetic. I do like the idea of a perfect love, but for me that’s not someone who I mesh with completely, but someone who brings different things to the relationship so we can both learn and grow as people, even if that’s a bit uncomfortable at times. I’ve changed so much as I’ve grown, and the husband who was perfect for me at twenty wasn’t right for me at forty. I would have been living ‘a life of quiet desperation’ staying in that relationship. So if you want one that will last forever, it needs to be one where you respect each other’s differences and allow each other to grown while staying in love. That evolution of a relationship seems perfect to me 🙂

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